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tv   The Big Weekend Show  FOX News  February 18, 2024 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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a licensed retailer he found it did not match the winning numbers pulled during the life powerball broadcast. now he's suing powerball and the d.c. lottery. it turns out snow days are not just for kids, the st. louis zoo sharing the video of a polar bear after a fresh six sense snowfall, he could not resist rolling around and fresh flakes in 2015 he joined after being orphaned in northern alaska he seems to enjoy sharing his love of snow with snoop visitors. a special programming reminder 2:97 p.m. for former president donald trump exclusive town fox news town hall, laura ingraham is the moderator. that is how fox reports this sunday february 18 of 2024. i am jon scott, thank you for joining us we will see you next week. ♪
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>> hello i am tomi lahren along with anita vogel, jason chaffetz and raymond arroyo. welcome to "the big weekend show", the big story tonight, trump loving truckers unite they are refusing to take deliveries in the new york city protest at more than 350 million-dollar civil fraud ruling against former president donald trump and the boycott starts tomorrow. >> the going to refuse loans in new york city starting on monday i have three drivers that i drive with him and i told him they're not going to new york city. i don't know how far across the country this is or how many truckers are going to start denying loads to go to new york city but i'll tell you what you [bleep] around and you find out.
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tomi: interesting timing that the op-ed came out in the new york times today the columnist is trying to patron supporters as violent and warping american politics, how original but republican states democrats who are radicalized all because they don't want trump to win again. >> democrats have become radicalized and they decided the partisan politics matters more than the rule of law. what this is about, power and trying to destroy donald trump, why? ultimately this is a tacky democracy, they want to stop the voters from voting for donald trump. tomi: there was a big win for trump hours after he launched his new sneaker line in the surprise visit to the sneaker con and philadelphia the gold never surrender high tops sold out no word if the limited supply of $399 kicks will be restocked. you are a fashionable guy, will you be getting yourself trump
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sneakers, bright gold so you can blend in. >> not at that price, you can get them in potus whiteboard t read they are definitely a collectible item. you know what drives the democrats nuts, donald trump does so well with blue-collar workers, those truckers and say we will not deliver to new york city that is the heart and soul of the trump movement and democrats can't stand it, they don't understand it they don't like it and they try to fight back with the stupid op-ed that make no sense. tomi: warping american politics, mega, bad, dark brandon has told us that time and time again, mega bad but do you think this is pushing trump supporters to be more enthusiastic in their support when they're constantly called deplorable, mega, radicalized, you name it. raymond: david french is peace in the new york times he talks about the maga threats and how its unraveling society, of a couple people that i would like
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david french to talk to, justice kavanaugh, amy coney barrett and pro-lifers whether clinics firebombed in the last year, this is completely unhinged, there is a lot of violence happening in america but to try to throw all of that at donald trump's feet even with the gold high tops, i think this is a bridge too far but every time that they tried to say, they tried to stop a better trial or try to throw all of this sludge at him, he somehow survives which must drive his opponents crazy because even the sneaker thing, i was on social media last night very interesting black support eroding from joe biden, this is connecting with black america because they love sneakers and into sneakers, this is a big deal certainly in the inner-city. when you trump rolled out his sneaker line there like wait a minute this is cool he's reaching them on a level that
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defies about politics, the culture always trumps politics and trump understands culture like no politician i've ever seen. tomi: a question on that point the people that are excited about the sneakers and excited about donald trump will that translate to them voting for donald trump. >> anybody willing to put $400 down for a pair of sneakers and i think that is commitment and love, his affection on some level. i don't think this is just for collectors i think it's for people who want donald trump briand sneakers, that again is connecting on a different level. tomi: i hope he brings new loaders because i have a feeling people that will buy the $400 sneakers were probably going to vote for trump anyways. how does he get new voters into the fold that is my concern but i want to move to the ruling against him, it turns out one of our favorite sharks kevin o'leary is talking about why the trump ruling is an assault to real estate in new york, let's
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take a listen and then anita i want to get your take on our favorite shark. >> this case is not just about donald trump this is an assault on the 11 sector, the s&p 500 which is real estate. if you are a developer you're not to renew her and you go to a bank and is able to borrow $200 million to build a bui building, what assets to secure the loan against and you point to a building that you built before, why would you take the risk to put up this much money and have a judge arbitrarily decide that you are some form of breach of fraud, each of us as investors we vote with capital. i say go to florida, go to texas, go to north dakota, oklahoma, west virginia, these are winter states. tomi: let's hope we can win some states. does this bode well for places like florida as kevin o'leary said, are the businesses going to look at this and say it's time to go to a free state. >> i remember posing this question to jason yesterday
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whether the ruling would have a chilling effect on other developers and financiers, donald trump certainly is not the first person to use the tactics to get better loan rates and more favorable conditions. i think people are going to look at other places, why wouldn't they. i want to go back to the new york times calling the truckers violent. there is basically stating a boycott. i want to call out the new york times we seen plenty of protest in the last six months, pro-palestinian protest shutting down major train stations in the city, shutting down entrances to universities where jewish students and other students are trying to enter and intimidating people, where was the new york times calling out the protesters as being violent. >> and entire summer of blm we have that quote the both of you alluded to the tsunami of maga threats that is different and the intimidation is systemic and
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epic what is an acknowledged tactic in the playbook of the trump right that flows down from the violent fantasies of donald trump himself. jason: that is so fundamentally totally wrong, the democrats playbook scorched earth, make people afraid to wear a maga hat and wave the flag and make them afraid of donald trump, that is their tactic. when you don't own the issues and you cannot win on inflation, the border overseas that inflation, all of that goes scorched-earth on your opponent but it's not going to work this time we had four years of donald trump and pretty darn good in this country the country was safe we were not going to war or doing those types of things. >> we should make one more point about the trial and the ruling about the judge in new york. $450 million is what trump will have to put into escrow just to appeal the case in the ruling by the judge, no new york bank can loan them the money, this is torturing a candidate and it's hard to not see this as election
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interference. tomi: you have to sell a lot of sneakers. speaking of the election, tonight nikki haley is refusing to say she will support trump if he is the ring under republican nominee but it doesn't seemed like trump cares he only mentioned her two times in his rally in michigan, fox news correspondent alex hoff is in south carolina tonight. >> good evening former governor haley kicking off her bus to her tonight she will crisscross the state hoping for competitive showing in saturday's open primary. she also sat down for a town hall with fox news john robert slamming trump statement where he said russia should do whatever the hell that they wanted nato members that don't spend enough a defense and the lack of comment on alexei navalny. >> and putin's mouth is open, he is lying and we need to be aware of that and i think that's why it was so damaging when trump said that he would choose putin and encourage putin to invade nato allies instead of standing
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with our allies and stood with us at 9/11. >> at a rally in michigan trump spent a bulk of his time condemning the legal cases against him speaking little of south carolina were haley. >> nikki haley, have you heard of her? you don't hear her name much. >> would haley back trump of the general, she indicated that she would but earlier today declined to confirm. >> i don't think is right person at the right time and i don't think you should be president. the last thing on my mind who i'm going to support, the only thing on my mind is how we're going to win this. >> nikki haley was asked if she were to be elected president and a former president donald trump was to be convicted of a crime which he parted him, she said she would. tomi: very interesting. anita i want to go to you, the nikki haley town hall. is she bringing new voters into her fold or as jason put it earlier, her farewell to her.
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>> she sold 20000 t-shirts in a town hall. tomi: how many did she by herself. anita: if you compare that to trump sneaker is not going so well but that's a piece of news that alex hoff reported that came out of this. she said she would pardon donald trump if he were to be convicted. that is one new piece of news that i saw that came out of this. tomi: that she says she has not fully committed or she refuses to say if she would vote for donald trump if he's a nominee unless something drastic happens he's going to be the nominee. you think that's interesting that she's playing the game. >> shame on nikki haley for not unilaterally saying she would support the republican nominee, that was who are you going to support, joe biden, you're down to a two person race, this is her last gas, it's a farewell to her if you can't win your home state it's time to get out, you
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gotta support the nominee. she would want to in reverse if she beat donald trump, she would want all the trump people, you gotta have it so is equal and balanced. tomi: when you watch the nikki haley town hall were you rejuvenated, inspire? >> i was inspired as i think the people watching at home. i'll leave it to them to decide the reaction, she selena permanently banned t-shirt watching the gop voter so permanently banning nikki haley from their political future, she is digging herself a whole and throwing herself out of the party in the cascading gestures in the lockjaw approach on a cultural don't i don't see how that wins anyone over where people listening for the first time. >> she has ammunition in her heels as she has one said but if you missed it you can watch the town hall with nikki haley moderated by john roberts at 10:00 p.m. eastern and coming up tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern the exclusive town hall with donald trump, i think that you might be there.
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coming up on the jampacked hour of "the big weekend show". >> he has no main character of energy at all. tomi: time to go for sleepy joe, more democrats want biden off the 2024 ticket. >> saint cecilia mother of all [bleep]. tomi: new details about the funeral of the iconic st. patrick's cathedral that has a catholic church in a couple of our panelists outreach tonight and addicted to love or swiping the claim that may have dating apps headed to court. in ♪ ♪ card. and i'm gonna' cashback on a few other things too! starting with the sound system... that's caaaaaaaaash. cashback like a pro with chase freedom unlimited.
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♪ ♪. anita: welcome back to "the big weekend show". confuse commander-in-chief. president biden seems to mix up ukraine and nato as outrage builds for biden slow response to how the administration will punish putin for alexei navalny's death. fox news correspondent lucas
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tomlinson is in rehobeth beach with the president. >> some critics of president biden say it's rich that he wants congressman to return to washington while he's here on vacation rehobeth beach in l.a. in a few days for the second time this month for more fundraisers. >> the idea that we will walk away from ukraine, the idea that nato to begin to split is totally against the interest of the united states of america it is about time that we make sure that congress come home, passing legislation funding nato. >> one democratic lawmaker appeared to blame former president trump for the death of prudence fiercest critic alexei navalny. >> we have former president donald trump say that russia should attack european countries, that is crazy and traitorous language. russia was certainly listening and i think they thought, we have a green light to do all sorts of crazy stuff and if trump would be president putin
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would have more latitude. >> on "fox news sunday" democratic senator might send more weapons to ukraine to defend itself. >> the most significant thing to do to push back on this is to continue to fund ukraine and pushback on the illegal invasion that putin has led the first incursion into a free country in europe since the world war ii order since the new order. >> i think they should not pass individually. but if it comes over as individual i will vote to support it. >> the republican of the house intelligence committee said today he is confident that ukraine aid will pass to congress. >> lucas tomlinson, thank you for that report. some democrats seem to be turning on biden including squad member rashida tlaib who is urging voters to michigan to to not vote for the president and the upcoming primary.
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>> this is the way that you can raise our voices, don't make us more invisible, right now we feel completely neglected in dancing by our government. if you want us to be louder than come here and vote uncommitted. >> radio host charlamagne tha god is piling on he says biden does not have main character energy. >> he's an uninspiring candidate, there's nothing about joe biden that makes you want to listen to him. he is no main character energy. he doesn't have anything to do with age. if it has everything to do with him. anita: remember charlamagne tha god was a radio host that biden accused of not being black if he had questions about voting for either biden or trump, now he's giving a comeback here. but let me ask you about this we have rashida tlaib saying don't vote for biden but who is left
4:21 pm
to vote for their not voting for biden, minnesota congressman dean phillips author marianne williamson, rfk junior is running as an independent but is really a democrat, who also they supposed to vote for. >> charlamagne tha god is spot on when he talks about slow joe because he is not inspiring to anybody on any level and certainly not within the community that is talking about. go ahead michigan, don't vote, show up and vote present, that's not going to do anything. i think republicans will do well in michigan there's a reason why donald trump was there yesterday. it is a state that he can win republicans can win and when you talk about the auto industry and the electric vehicles which we will talk about later in the show, the other issues are going to drive people michigan to the republican side of the aisle very close in the boat last time but democrats are in trouble in michigan because of the dissent within their own party.
4:22 pm
anita: it's going to be interesting. let me ask about the comments from charlamagne tha god. you are certainly representing the younger generation at the table, they want an inspirational leader. if tanaka vote for biden, what are they going to do who do they check the box for. tomi: i maintain joe biden is awkward to be the nominee so i don't think the be faced with the decision but charlamagne tha god doesn't have main character energy or energy. , i think there is a lot of young democrats or liberals out there that don't know exactly what they should do so they will turn to tiktok in the paid army of tiktok influencers will say joe is the great guy, they don't like joe biden but the policies that joe biden is property unfortunately a lot of them do like free everything for education student loan forgiveness, free palestine, electric vehicles, trans everything, unfortunately the agenda of the democrat party is
4:23 pm
appealing to young people because they spend their time on tiktok, that is my concern, republicans have to do a better job not enough to say joe is old because if you got the nominee working to be in a bad spot. >> i want to read something from the wall street journal and have you react, take a look at the headline for president biden nothing beats a weekend in delaware biden has traveled to his home state and nearly half of the weekends of his presidency spending all or part of 254 days during his first three years in office overall biden has spent more time outside of the white house on unofficial or semi-official travel than any other president since george w. bush, yesterday we talked about east palestine ohio and how we could not find the time to go but he could've picked more of the beach weekends. >> vacationing takes a lot of time have some sympathy he's working hard he has to read the note cards and follow the blue dots and this is a tough gig
4:24 pm
that is the reason joe biden support is eroding black america is turning on him arab americans are turning on him and rashida tlaib we should mention this for one second she represented uprising on the left, every time joe biden opens his mouth there is a protest group of palestinians protesting his speech, this is a part of the left coalition that is crumbling but rashida tlaib is not seen vote for somebody else she saying vote uncommitted, that's what she did when congress went ahead and condemned rape and sexual abuse and torture against hamas doing that, they were condemning till they voted present. this is radical radical beliefs and i think it is eroding not only confidence of the president but his own coalition. anita: we are watching it. coming up next is the time for a tuneup there are signs biden is pumping the brakes on his green dream but why is that we will talk about it coming up next.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert, two police officers and a paramedic killed in the line of duty of a suburb of minneapolis, minnesota, rose schmidt with our fox affiliate is live at the fire department headquarters in burnsville. >> good evening a flag is flying here in front of the burnsville lease and fire department tonight as the city mourns the loss of three members of its public safety community visual is also expected to start here any moment now burnsville police say this all started around 2:0e called to a home for reports of an armed man barricaded inside with family members. the situation escalated into
4:30 pm
gunfire in two police officers and a firefighter paramedic were shot and killed by the gunman, another officer was also shot but is expected to survive, the gunman was reported dead in the home around 8:00 a.m., state officials say it's unclear if he was shot by police or took his own life. we later learned seven children from age 2 - 15 were in the home and witnessed the incident and none of them were injured, here is burnsville city leaders during a press conference today. >> this is a hard day, really hard day for public safety family. we are hurting. we are hurting. today three members of our team made the ultimate sacrifice. for this community. they are heroes. >> state officials also say the gunman had large amounts of ammunition in several guns. reporting live and burnsville arizona, rose schmidt fox news.
4:31 pm
>> think you and god bless those families of all those slain in duty. we are seeing a pattern of this all across the country the people who ensure our safety killed in the line of duty. the biden administration is throwing their electric vehicle mandate into reverse due to election-year pressures, remember when this was team bidens favorite tune? >> first crack at the new and different jobs for electric vehicles. >> this soccer is quick. >> the future is electric moving at lightning speed. >> thousands of workers here and across the country are building the vehicles of the future, the batteries that will power them and the chargers that will support them. >> not so fast mayor pete. under pressure from the united auto workers union who withheld
4:32 pm
their endorsement of biden until he caved on this. biden administration is set to slow the electric car mandate for manufacturers. the new york times reporting change comes as president biden faces intense crosswind as he runs for reelection while trying to confront climate change is aiming to cut carbon dioxide emission from gasoline powered vehicles. at the same time mr. biden needs cooperation for the auto industry and political support from unionized autoworkers. jason even with all the tax incentives, sales of electric vehicles are down 10% even in california, how is it possible to mandate 67% of all cars sold in the u.s. will be electric vehicles by 2030? how is it possible. jason: it's not possible. the mandates are untenable. there is no possible way you can get there and they don't have the infrastructure in this country. biden pushed the so-called american rescue plan which at $350 billion run by who? the brother of one of the biggest lobbyist mr. podesta and
4:33 pm
washington, d.c., who knows where the funny money is going and what they're doing. tibet out the infrastructure and by the way it is cold outside and the batteries don't work. there is that. raymond: they say they currently have 172,000 charging stations, they need 2 million to reach demand, the biden administration is already spent 8 billion of our dollars and at last count, on electric city buses to replace the current fleet there is only one problem in kansas, connecticut pennsylvania the buses have burst into flames or they simply don't work. philly shelved most of their electric fleet and the highway traffic administration issued a recall, why is biden so committed to spending funds on these vehicles that don't work and nobody wants them appa
4:34 pm
apparently. >> the big green lobby is alive and well as jason alluded to, people simply don't want electric vehicles and they don't want to ride on electric bus or drive electric vehicle or charge a vehicle, they don't want to worry in the middle of a snowstorm as i'll be stuck somewhere, let's talk about rural america what you going to do if you come from south dakota and want to get to the other side of south dakota due to harmony charging stations in south dakota you can probably count them on this hand people don't want these vehicles there corny, dorky and they don't work in the biden administration in a nutshell. raymond: part of the biden backtrack, trump has been telling autoworkers that all the ev's will eventually be made in china, he is courting them even at his rallies, here's one from last night. >> we have your back the autoworkers are going to support this guy like we didn't 60, 20 we're going to do it again in 24. everybody is going to get out and vote we're going to vote
4:35 pm
85 million are going to vote for this guy they cannot cheat enough to beat him. raymond: can trump pilaf the autoworkers despite the biden endorsement from the union. anita: if you can find the charging station it takes a couple of hours to charge the car. but sure, why not. this is based, these are the blue-collar worker that he connects with. of course they can, just because the union hierarchy puts out the endorsement the workers can vote anyway that they want. raymond: you see the connections that donald trump is making with black america, with the working americans, we will keep our eyes on this. a funeral for a trans atheist at the iconic st. patrick's cathedral that the catholic church is outraged over, we into you see this. >> this great [bleep], saint cecilia mother of all [bleep] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪. jason: welcome back to "the big weekend show", new video of some of the nearly 100 chinese migrants arriving at the southern border in the past 24 hours, fox news correspondent griff jenkins is in california where the migrants are being processed tonight. >> that is right, more than 250, maybe 300, we have not just chinese but we have people from all over the world, we have individuals from afghanistan, turkey, africa, brazil, peru, india, you can see them lining up, they were even checked in, the bags are tagged in the get
4:41 pm
to be put on this bus this transport bus they are about to load them but one group of migrants, three syrian men really raise the alarm of officials because syria is a state sponsor of terror we spoke to one syrian man and here's what he said why he is here. listen. >> from syria. >> english? , why are you coming to the u.s. >> we love america and we need a nice life. >> did you come here for job. >> a nice job. our country very weird. >> as you know, wanting a nice life is not going to qualify for asylum, i'll give you one last look here is the migrant the
4:42 pm
gentleman in the middle from india and afghanistan, people from special interest countries like syria, afghanistan, will get additional screening and be separated from this group and will get back to the processing center it is a part of it, the big story in the week i've been here more than 600 chinese crossing just in this area that is far more than 450 which is the total number of chinese migrants in fiscal year 2021 for the entire year. jason: great reporting. thank you joe biden, the here is for all of that, we do appreciate it. tonight the archdiocese of new york is condemning the scandalous and sacrilegious behavior after the funeral of a self-proclaimed atheist, trans activists at the iconic st. patrick's cathedral. >> we lost our saint, this lady worked so hard to make sure girls like me, girls like you, boys like you are safe,
4:43 pm
grounded, rooted, have healthcare. that sex workers are free, cecilia, we love you, repeat after me again. sicilia, sicilia, sicilia, now give sicilia a standing ovation. >> this [bleep] >> this great [bleep] saint cecilia mother of all, today we say we see you soon. >> st. patrick's cathedral issuing this statement two days later the cathedral only knew that family and friends were requesting a funeral mass for a catholic and had no idea are
4:44 pm
welcome and prayer will be degraded in such a sacrilegious and deceptive way that such a scandal occurred at america's parish church makes it worse. it took place as lent was beginning. raymond a little infuriating for us that believe in religion and believe in jesus christ and for catholics, this is a catastrophe and how this happened is st. patrick's cathedral we have to figure out who vetted this person we know from the organizers that they lied and the fact that this was a trans activists and a atheist under wraps, not everybody can get married at st. patrick's or a funeral at st. patrick's there are requirements, can a law for bid that someone is a manifest center who will create public scandal for funeral, that is forbidden under the law. it is not come as you are this is not a broadway theater this is not a club this is a house of
4:45 pm
worship and you met and you must come on the terms of the church but we know joseph's willing the spokesman in the new york times says he was told wednesday the night before this that this was a trans activists and who might be coming, that is a violation of teaching with the church rolled dear, everybody can repent and be a part of god's kingdom but you cannot be here in stager protest, it was a sacrilege to yell out saint sincerely when their singing or doing the frantic dances that horrible posters, people and fishnets and bongs, i'm sorry if they were lied to, when he saw the crowd coming in with billy porter doing a dance that was probably a good indication that they should've been called off, it is an outrage in america needs answers. jason: anita i believe you went there. >> i did go to st. patrick's get this entry cathedral this morning as i often do and light a candle and say a few prayers for people and that's what a lot of people do, they go there because they feel is a holy place and there's a lot of people there and great despair
4:46 pm
over many things, to have this happen they are of all places america's parish is all kinds of wrong and to raymond's point the crowd coming in, they were wearing miniskirts and halter tops and fishnets like they were going to studio 54 and not church. tomi: i can only imagine how this would turn out with any other religion if they had a mockery of the islam the muslim religion could you imagine outcry from rashida tlaib and others but this is a running theme against christians or nowadays jews it's completely acceptable and fine were supposed to be loving and tolerant as were being made a mockery of, this has to end and the church has to be the one that ends it. >> i agree, well said. looking for love or the rush, swiping right is turning love into a compulsive drug, some people cannot handle the i, that is next.
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plus, free home delivery when you add any base. ends president's day. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪. tomi: welcome back to "the big
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weekend show". hobbies, religion and location are not the only deal breakers on dating apps. a new dating app called the score requires a credit score of 675 and up to join, some are on a quest for true love but others are looking to satisfy their egos. a group of users are suing the match app group claiming gamblers locked in a search for psychological rewards. a lot of single folks are on dating apps and now the new one you have to have a credit score of 675 and above i don't think that's a terrible idea. what do you think. tomi: i don't think it's a bad idea to vent the people but as far as the lawsuit it bothers me inasmuch as i don't like the concept of dating apps or tiktok which is essentially a dating app in the suit tiktok because of all these things, you cannot sue every vice because you're addicted there's a lot of things that can addict us but this
4:52 pm
white culture is destroying my generation. >> the millennial's as we discussed earlier, i also learned that raymond is not a boomer. it is destroying millennial gen z people are swiping and looking for looks and a lot of people edit their photos there's a whole lot of issues with dating apps i'm not sure a lawsuit is the way to go maybe we need to get back to traditional and meeting people in person. anita: critics say they promote bad behavior like ghosting, breadcrumb lane and i'm not sure what that means a back burner relationships. >> i love the idea of the score at because at least it shows these people have fiscal discipline which is important. i would like to see a step further we have score and clean with no stds and they go to church on sundays then you could get a well-rounded discipline person across the board that's what you need but i agree with
4:53 pm
find good wholesome intact people probably not bars and probably not on the dating apps although i know some people they got married on dating apps and bars. >> i like a good old-fashioned bar. >> jason way in. jason: you're not addicted to your dating app you idiot. there's addiction for a lot of things and you're an idiot if you're going to sue somebody because it's addictive i had to swipe this way i'm celebrating my 33rd anniversary later this week so i've been a little bit out of the game and i plan to stay out of the game. >> apparently more of the women the gen z on the dating apps more liberal, there we go there are the statistics, 40% of women identify as liberals, 25% of men do, politics creeping into this as well we're going to leave
4:54 pm
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>> welcome back to "the big weekend show" time for the big four our picks for the biggest reason everyone will be talking about this week. i'll go first i have two stories are to be talking about the first is the proposed california bill that would require
4:58 pm
homeowners and renters to report the number of guns in their homes to their insurance companies the bill introduced by california assemblyman would require the insurer to pass the gun onto the government this is a back door surveillance scheme in the gun owners and a way to get the government to create estate gun registry and should trigger all second amendment advocates. the second big story the truck town hall with laura ingraham on the ingraham engel on tuesday expect huge news out of that will talk to undecided voters in hear from the president for the whole hour. anita: we will be watching. here is a question how much do you have to make to afford to raise a child. a couple from california said they do the math and they cannot do it on the combined salary of two or $2000 a year one survey says raising the child to the age of 17 requires $310,000 by the time you're all said and done it's no wonder birthrates arch plummeting across the country with a quarter of a
4:59 pm
million since 2012 this particular couple so they know they have to take care of their aging parents that plus student loans, housing cost and put their initial goal of children out of reach the focus on their retirement, savings instead. it's kind of sad. tomi: very sad so was his twin brothers from new york are going viral on tiktok after posing the funny take how surging inflation is affecting their lives. >> these haircuts are mandatory $40 for fashion when i was growing up it was $20 a 15-dollar haircut. >> my car insurance in the last two years went from 220 - 270, now 2320 i give them a call and they said there's nothing we can do i'm paying nearly $900 a month for a nissan rogue sport. a thousand dollars a month to not look masculine at all.
5:00 pm
>> at least is not an electric nissan rogue but it goes to show bidens america affects us all. >> bidenomics this is what you will remember a man from denmark is in the guinness book of world records for putting the most matches stucco but knows 68 to achieve the record he had to stuff 45 and he got to 68 we are proud of this man he could win a lot of world records by doing things with your nose. siphoning with your nose, quarters held in the no's largest bubble with your nose. >> why are we going to talk about this next week. >> will never forget it. >> that does it for us we will see you next weekend stay tuned, "life, liberty & levin" will start right now. have a great night. ♪ ♪ ♪


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